Monday, April 4, 2011

Latest Update

Not much to report with Crosie being away for the last couple of weeks, there hasn't been much happening at the Ponderosa.

News is that we are about to get a new baby - a little puppy called Gunny - very excited about him coming home in the next few weeks.

The other news is that some charming little boy racers managed to bowl over our letterbox and smash our fence in three places - needless to say am not happy about it. Though why they had to do all the damage while Crosie is away is a little annoying! I did however, give the bumper of their car to the police, along with some tail lights too.

And lo and behold my wonderful little hen, Sparkle, has produced 14 eggs! I have 12, but our resident hedgehog claimed two of them. She is very proud of herself, so she should be!

Enjoy the pics.

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