Sunday, December 12, 2010

314 days and now ..

I have a kitchen!

Yes on January 30, 2010, I officially lost my kitchen - well I knew where i left it, jsut moved out of that house, let tennants move in and use. Crosie and I moved into the Portacom aka Love Shack, and began our adventure.

On Saturday 11th December, i finally got to use an oven in my own house - you have no idea how excited I was, though a little scared as the first thing i made was a Red Velvet Cake for lunch with the girls. Have now used the stove top to poach eggs (which on any given day i am rubbish at, but that is a WHOLE other story!).

Appliances - soon my pretties you will be in your new home!

Below are pics of the kitchen being moved in - the island bench is 3.2 m long with 2m clear either side of it - yes seems huge, yet i do not think that the bench has been clear yet! Bear with me with the pics as i am still moving the kitchen over from the workshop (where it was shared space with the quad bike, man tools etc).

My pantry is soooo cool and filling fast. Crosie was amazed at how fast i am actually filling it up - he wanted to know where all the food had been in the workshop - umm those steel drawers were jammed pack full of food. Though i do think that i am fast running out of space. Have not found a dinnerset, several boxes of glasses and other crockery, then there is all the crystal that is actually sitting in a friend's garage (promise it will be collected this week Trish!).

Have spent two nights in the new place - we do have a functioning toilet inside, but still have to go across to the manspace for a shower. But the bath is up and running in the other end of the house.

Some of the lights in the kitchen / living room

This week sees Crosie laying the kitchen and entrance flooring and then starting on the waterproofing for the showers, so i can tile over the break. As well paint the outside, start landscaping, finish the other third of the house in time for Waitangi weekend family get-together! So only a wee bit left!

Oh and look after the sheep, do the normal chores ...

What can i say - we are loving it and loving the space! Think of living for near on a year in your bedroom at home - which is what we have done - and then move into a space that is bigger than your current house! We are loving it! And loving opening all the boxes and finding things that "we" didn't know "we" had!