Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roof 'n' Wrap

Finally we have the house roofed, wrapped and all but one window in - as well as the plywood on the verandah and we are hoping to put the butynol on the verandah tomorrow!
So here are the latest pics:

The entrance way From the front of the section

Mark working on the roof Side view

Yep that's me! Working onsite!
Photographic evidence at last. am scrambling around putting the tape over the plywood joins

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farewell Our Mate

Just a quick note to say that we had to say farewell to our beloved pooch, Jake, on Tuesday 8th June.

Jake will be dearly missed by Crosie, who has had him for over 14 years.

Even though i ruined him (read spoilt him) in later years, he was a wonderful puppy and even though slightly stinky, we loved him to bits

Jakey Snakey, go find those pheasants for dad, chase the possums, but leave the cats alone!!

We love you old boy - RIP

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow! things are happening

So the house is now roofed (thanks Reece!), wrapped and all but two windows are in. These will hopefully arrive this week
Can't believe that we are getting there despite the weather! In fact we've had so much rain our 50,000 litre capacity water tanks are overflowing, which is great - and now we even have the washing machine going onsite we are fully self sufficent!

Crosie has framed the verandah and is really just waiting for a good day to start laying the plywood and then gluing on the butynol roofing. Have to say it is going to look fabulous. just awaiting all the flashings as well and then we will be water tight. (pics coming)

Some of the battons are on around the house and soon we will start cladding, getting to the time where i am going to have to choose the colours - scary, but hey it's only paint and it can be painted over if it looks hideous!

Have jsut ordered some plants as well, so that means landscaping will begin - not on a grand scale but definitely beginning to think about what i want and where

Enjoy the pics!