Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A-gibbing we will go ...

With the batts done, there is the next job to get on with - putting up the gib!

Though with 2.7m stud's it's not as easy as it sounds. But while I thought those ceilings were high, i wasn't prepared for the knee-knocking that would happen in the lounge and living areas!

Crosie and i managed the lounge gib by ourselves. Something like 4.8m sheets that we had to get to a height of over 3 metres. However, that wasn't the worst of it .. we had to get sheets over 5.3 m to a height of 4.5m for the living room ceiling! See below:

Thankfully we had help for all but the last sheet and a half. How Crosie and i managed to get a full-size sheet up i am not sure, but my shoulders are incredibly sore!

All but the garage ceiling to do now, then it's gib-stopping and then painting and then installing all the electrics.

Speaking of electrics here is an example of all the wiring that is in the walls:

The other exciting addition so far is that i have a laundry inside where it is supposed to be - and no longer requires a hose across the driveway from the manspace - very exciting

Crosie is also now intent on putting holes in my perfectly good roof - why you ask? because he has installed our chimney for our wonderful huge Southland logburner!