Sunday, May 9, 2010

More pics

Crosie striding around. The installation of the garage door. The completed product!

While i would like to say no mice were harmed in the making of this ...

The high-roof enthusiast - must mention that i got stuff up on the roof the other day - too scared to come down!!!

The house frames are standing!

The skinny on building progress

Well we have been a little remiss in the last few weeks - possibly as we are still revelling in the joy of living in a permanent fixture on the section aka the manspace!

It is warm and lovely to be undercover - even the cats have relaxed. So much so that it is quite exciting for them to bring in their latest catch through the cat door. yes as it cools down outside the mighty hunters are bringing in mice every couple of days - and oddly always in the week hours of the morning, then having to spend the daylight hours asleep!
Crosie is working hard and today sees the pre-wrap inspection on the house. We are awaiting the arrival of the roof this week and then we can get that on and it really will look like a house! Wrapped and roofed by May 21st is what we are aiming for - as well as a start on the installation of the windows - which are currently waiting on us to get to the stage where they can be installed.

We even have the guttering etc sitting onsite - no rest for the wicked. Though Crosie will have a break this weekend when he trots off hunting - a well deserved break from the building site for him

Enough on the words - bring on the pics so here is a selection of the what it looks like now, enjoy!