Sunday, February 14, 2010

Framed and Trussed

Yep we are now framed and trussed, well for the workshop at least.

Crosie has been working hard, and even calling me in to help lift the frames of the workshop. So we now look as if we have a buidling onsite - very cool!

Our little love shack is proving ok - while a little rustic in terms of no toilet or running water - we do have digital tv, braodband and a telephone!

the four-foots have handled the move wonderfully, with Monty securing his first kill of a hare, and Rama proving that he is a mighty mouser with 5 in one day! as we have limited indoor space they are bringing their prizes only to the door - one hopes that this respect for the indoors continues when they have more permanent lodgings!

Back to the building process. We have had the window men up to do a measure, the roofing has been ordered so it's full steam ahead!