Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Au Revoir Portacom

Yay! Sunday night saw us move the bed, couch, bedside tables and other misc bits into the manspace!!! Yes we left the portacom!

Monday night saw us move the scotch chests and all the other bedroom furniture and on Tuesday night the kitchen was moved into the workshop side of the manspace. Wow! we are so spoilt for a bit of space now

Plus we can now pic up the boys [read the cats] and swing them around, if only they would move over to the manspace too. Alas Monty and Rama are grimly sleeping on the cold floor of the portacom refusing to come over to the comfort of the studio. It took an hour in the rain last night to get Monty in!

I moved their crunchie bowl into the ensuite, and even that wasn't enticing enough

Back the truck up - an ensuite i hear you say, yes! we have a flushing toilet, a running tap over a handbasin and most importantly today Crosie had hot water flowing through the shower! we are now in a hotel room!

Very clever Crosie is all i can say. poor guy is shattered. Installing the shower, moving tools out of the manspace workshop into the shipping container and moving the contents of the shipping container into the workshop.

So the workshop for the next wee while has been comandeered as my kitchen - though no running water, but there is an outdoor tap right outside the door.

Thank you Crosie - you can go for a fish now! Or even an overnight hunt

Though have to say Crosie is now just itching to get on with the house itself. In fact we will be working hard to get the roof trusses up ready to start roofing in a week and then get the downpipes in so we can start collecting more water. Odd isn't it how living in town you never thought about water and now we are waiting for a good shower to help the land to get the grass to grow for the sheeps!

lookign forward to going home tonight (oops that must mean i am writing this at work!) and sorting out my new "kitchen"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How quickly time flies

Not sure if it's fun we are having though!

So Easter has rolled around and gone and so has daylight savings.

Easter saw us finish cladding the manspace, electrician (thanks Daddy) came over and made it "live", so we now have power into the space. Just awaiting the plumber to arrive and test the plumbing that Crosie has done and then get another inspection and we can line the studio part of the manspace and move in!

Oh we are looking forward to that! it will mean a shower and a running toilet, warmth and a far more permanent dwelling! looking forward to ringing up the Portacom people to come and take it far, far away.

then it's all hands on deck to do the house. Crosie is itching to get stuck into doing the house, but alas he needs to finish the manspace first. Then i will even allow him time off to go for a hunt - apparently the stags will be roaring

One of our sheep went to Heaven over Easter as well. I had hoped not to be there for that event, yet somehow i was required to help pen them and chase around the paddock. Dear large ram-lamb was dispatched and taken away - very good condition it was in apparently. I did apologise to the remaining 7, thought it only fair

Pics will be coming in the next couple of days showing all the house frames standing, the clad manspace, complete with garage door. Clever Crosie didn't even need the instructions for putting the door in (not that it came with any)

Now it's just waiting time for the plumber ... dear mr plumber please arrive this afternoon ....