Monday, July 19, 2010

A-cladding we will go, a-cladding we will go ..

hi-ho the dairy-o
a-cladding we will go!

A week of annual leave turned into a week of hard labour for me! But we did manage to clad a third of the house (why did i want a large house???).

Plus we had all the bathroom fittings - minus the tapware - delivered which was really exciting - certainly makes the building feel like its becoming a home. But then it is torture having a bath so close and yet so far - it is currently stored in its box in what will be my sewing room

The other exciting thing that happened was that the first kitchen man came and measured up our kitchen space and sent through a design that we both rather like - though am not sure we are going to like the quote when it comes through. But my dear Crosie is still ok about making my polished concrete benchtops so i am happy about that!

On a sad note for the local bird population, Rama managed to bring home a bird each day - thankfully(?!) he brings them into the studio to play with inside, that way they don't get away! On two days he bought home two birds, the rest it was just the one. However two birds did not make it and Monty helpfully "cleaned up" the mess!!! Rama has found the perfect possie down in the trees to lie in wait - so am pleased that he is such a good hunter not so on the birds though!

Crosie is looking forward to this weekend when he gets to leave the building site and go a-hunting with his brother, a mate and his cousin - so am sure the 4 of them will have fun on their quad-bikes