Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carpet time!

After letting my boss know on Sunday night that i may be late in on Monday, due to finishing the painting, i never actually made it!

Was too busy finishing the painting in the manspace so we could have it all carpeted on Monday and Tuesday. It's incredible we have now finished all but painting the bathrooms in the house and manspace, looks fabulous!

My sewing room is nearly ready to occupy, well it will be this weekend once we finish fitting off all the plugs and lights! Do i need to go and buys some fabric to celebrate?

Think Crosie has gone a little wild ...! hehe - bath anyone? thankfully it will be going back INTO the house this weekend, as we will have finished the painting and flooring in there.

This year is the first time i have grown sunflowers successfully, only the one pictured isn't from a seed that i planted. It's from the bird seed that i leave out for the birds and it grew! Complete with a monarch. We've had plenty of monarchs around, but have only found one chrysalis. I also thought i would include some pics of our awesome tomato crop - though this is just HIS hot house. My tomatoes are coming along. But would like to note that the tomatoes that HE is growing actually come from plants that his cousin or i grew ...

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