Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

Well it has been quite a long while since i last posted - so not sure if anyone still looks here!
But i will endeavour to be far better this year!

This time while documenting the house finishing - we just need to paint, but as i sit and write this, it is pouring with rain, so no painting today. I am going to use this blog to update you on what we are doing around the section.

Yesterday we welcomed five new babies - my new heritage breed chickens ( ). First one born was a little yellow one, two black speckled ones, a red one (so am thinking it is a Rhode Island Red) and another little yellow one - who unfortunately did not make the night. Photos will follow.

We are also waiting on the mergence of some pheasant babies - yes another one of our (chicken) hens is sitting on 14 eggs. We have three from our first attempt and they are now in the chicken enclosure - with the two sitting hens having been relocated! Photos to follow of these also - but it's too wet to go out and take any.

I will also update you on the offerings from the garden. So far 10 bags (containing 2 cups each) of broad beans have been frozen. I am off to make some strawberry jam - though not from our crop - maybe next year! We are waiting rather impatiently for our first lot of tomatoes to ripen so we can have them. With over 100 tomatoes planted am sure we will get a little sick of them! Varieties include: moneymaker, beefsteak, black crim, purple russian, aunty ruby green german, cherry green grape, green zebra, brandywine pink, bloody red butcher, cherry red and yellow fig, roma, reisenstraube - so plenty of variety!

Right must away and make the jam - here is hoping that it will set!

Take care and i will fill you in on picks of the jam and chooks soon!

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