Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year to all!

What a fantastic Christmas / New Year we have had, with lots of visitors and seeing the family for Christmas dinner - including my gorgeous great-neice, Eloise!

With 16 people there for dinner, we had heaps of room.

Here are some of the latest pics - yes they are mainly of my pantry, but hey I LOVE it!

The very long (3.2m) bench

My awesome pantry in all it's glory!

The latest wildlife to arrive on our doorsetp - two peacocks - though these were not bought to us by Rama, he was too busy watching wide-eyed from INSIDE the house!

We have also started tiling the showers in the house - we are using 600 x 300 white tiles with a 100 x 300 pebble strip on the walls and the floors are a 400 x 400 pebble tile - we are please by how it looks so far:

The main bathroom

The ensuite - with the walls painted Dulux - Double Glinks Gully

Oh and here is the wall that I still have yet to wallpaper and Crosie enjoying sitting on his la-z-boy watching his tv in the lounge. Yes, ocassionally he is allowed to stop working!

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